What is fun, baby don't hurt me

This particular entry is not about writing stories, but telling them together, through the medium of tabletop games. Now I know it might seem weird for a huge nerd who writes stories about fantastical things to be interested in pretending to be an elf or robot for hours at a time, but you’ll just have to trust me when I say it can be a heaping pile of fun. However, like most fun things in this life, there’s a sort of gradient of fun involved. There are things which can accentuate, and also hinder, the process of having fun.

Consider us open for business

When I was young, hanging out in the library during a rainy lunch break, or curled up at home during a lazy weekend, I always found it easier to follow authors than any particular series. I dove into The Carpet People as eagerly as I went at Only You Can Save Mankind. I considered all the films featuring the talents of Ray Harryhausen to be part of this collective silver screen mythology. These creators inspired me with their works, not to daydream about being an adventurer or cosmic explorer, but to write about such heroes.


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