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Latest Release: A Gift from the Sky

This is a time where there are no cities, when a sharpened stone is the greatest tool you could hope to have – except for the Gifts, abilities which can multiply your strength tenfold, let you speak with the voiceless, or wear your own shadow like a cloak. In this world is a young woman looking to find herself and understand the Gifts she possesses. Raised by the master Gifted called Sound-of-Thunder, her name is Fire-in-the-Night.

The patreon is live!

I have a Patreon now for those who are interested in supporting my writing work in exchange for exclusive benefits such as short pieces of fiction, updates on upcoming projects, and a bunch of cute pictures of my adorable cat.

If you sign up now, you’ll get the chance to read my comedy-fantasy adventure serial Corgwyn the Barbarian, a tale of a talking dog getting embroiled in an important quest that constantly interferes with his own problems.

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