Planet Coaster: Life has its ups and downs

I received Planet Coaster as a sort of early Christmas present, because I had seen some of it in action and would not shut up talking about it. Years ago, I was a big fan of the 1999 classic RollerCoaster Tycoon, listening to all the tiny people sending me complaints about how long they’ve had to queue for the haunted house. Planet Coaster is all that in glorious, stylised 3D, and I have fallen for it in a big way.

The Force Awakens: Old legends retold

Let me start off by saying that I did not particularly like the new Star Trek movies. I had a soft spot for the neo-retro sort of look, but style can’t compensate for substance – or lack thereof. Which meant I was a little cautious about approaching the new Star Wars movie, not simply because of the same director, but because of the general way that Hollywood has been doing legacy movies.

I am so, so relieved that I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

The Martian: hope and potatoes

I’m a huge nerd and I love space exploration, so it’s no huge surprise that I saw The Martian this week — but my delight at semi-realistic NASA missions is not the only reason. I’m showing my support for a fellow self-publisher, Andy Weir, who made it big with his book-turned-Hollywood-blockbuster, and it gives me vast quantities of hope about my own career.

Mad Max: Fury Road: What a film! What a lovely film!

So, this time around I was a little late to join in the party. The name of the party was “everybody see this movie” and everybody certainly did. In fact, it’s entirely likely that by the time this gets posted to my website, the movie won’t be in the cinemas any more. If you missed your chance to see Mad Max: Fury Road on the big screen, and have still managed to avoid spoilers, then don’t fret about this review.

Doctor Who: don't blink, don't breathe, don't think, don't watch

The classic ideal of British science fiction, Doctor Who, has been around since the 1960s. It became such a fundamental part of pop culture that when it was revived in 2005 after a lengthy absence, it wasn’t considered niche anymore. It was full-on Saturday night entertainment for all the family.

Which is why it’s so disappointing that the current show is a crude, poorly-written mess that’s so slathered full of misogynistic hate that I am legitimately surprised anyone even agrees to act in it.

Hobbit Tales: shire-based storygaming

The other day I got the chance to try out Hobbit Tales from Cubicle 7, a card-based game that isn’t really card-based at all. Sure, it uses cards, but the real meat of the game comes from the players. The cards you get are story elements, settings and twists in the tale, and you have to take the hand you are dealt and come up with a story that fits as much as it entertains.

You might be starting to see why this game appealed to me.

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