Passion projects and free fiction

I get ideas from a lot of different sources. Sometimes when I listen to music, it’s like it’s part of a soundtrack to a movie that I can’t see, but I can definitely feel. I know the way the action should go on screen as I listen to the rise and fall, and from there an idea forms. I’ve got a big appetite for media, I like music, movies, games, books, television, radio, comics, theatre, and whatever else I’ve forgotten to list there. I drink it all in, and in turn it inspires me.

Where there's smoke, there's Fire-in-the-Night

It’s been a little over a year since I last put out a full book, but what a year! I had to take a lot of time off for personal reasons, and they were not the fun kind. But I’m back now, with my second novella, A Gift from the Sky. The first tale about Fire-in-the-Night, a young woman in a prehistoric world of stone tools and magical Gifts, where she has to strike out on her own for the very first time.

Experience another point of view

In addition to the full-length stories, I am proud to announce my first collection of short stories: I Am Machine. A series of tales about the lives of artificial intelligences, written solely from their perspective.

You can check out the first short story in the collection, The Howl of the Wolf, right now. There will be more to come in the future!

Meet Ms. Hartley

Our newest, and first, story here at Plunder Press is the science fiction piece Izzy Hartley and the Luminal Magnifier, the first instalment in an ongoing series about the world’s greatest inventor, and what happens when her fantastical inventions have to be put to the test.

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