Izzy Hartley and the Luminal Magnifier

Joanna King has a lot to deal with. There's a small invasion force occupying the local tea room, time travel may or may not have changed all of world history, and the only thing to eat in the kitchen is cold pizza. To top it all off, there's the matter of the Luminal Magnifier, which can see anywhere in the universe that light can reach.

Those are the sort of problems you face when your employer is a fifteen-year-old genius. The one and only Izzy Hartley is the creator of numerous astonishing inventions, pioneer of many astounding new technologies, and a scatterbrained junk food and comic book aficionado. Keeping the Magnifier out of the wrong hands is going to be tricky, especially when Joanna and Izzy make the unpleasant discovery that they might not be the only ones peering through the cosmos...

Set in a world that never was, and may never will be (unless time travel gets involved, again), Izzy Hartley and the Luminal Magnifier is a story about friendship, science, the impossible, untold danger, and what to do when you've got fascists camped out on the front lawn. It is also the first book in an ongoing series, if you're into that sort of thing.

Cover illustration by Kaitlynn Peavler

Quirky and fun novella with a couple of strong, well-written female main characters. - Maria di M

I picked this book up on recommendation from a friend online and immediately fell in love. - Joshua M Crowe

It's a book that doesn't leave you wanting, but leaves you wanting more. - Andri Erlingsson