Consider us open for business

When I was young, hanging out in the library during a rainy lunch break, or curled up at home during a lazy weekend, I always found it easier to follow authors than any particular series. I dove into The Carpet People as eagerly as I went at Only You Can Save Mankind. I considered all the films featuring the talents of Ray Harryhausen to be part of this collective silver screen mythology. These creators inspired me with their works, not to daydream about being an adventurer or cosmic explorer, but to write about such heroes.

I was a sucker for adventure, for danger and daring. I still am, in fact. What I wanted back in those days was to see a world filled with excitement and stories worth telling, and now all these years later I’m finally in a position to do just that. It’s been a bit of a bumpy road: I wasn’t always sure I wanted to be a writer, and there were dark times when I felt like my dreams would be out of my reach no matter how hard I worked. But I stuck to my guns, and now here I am. I’m sure my seven-year-old self can forgive me for not getting a career in robot design. Probably.

Some of you out there might be wondering, “Why Plunder Press?” The answer is I’m a sucker for pirates. That and it’s a pretty unique name. On this site I’m hoping I can give people not just stories and games to entertain them, but also a place where they can discuss those stories and play those games. Fingers crossed on that score.

At the very least, I hope you have as much fun reading my work as I had writing it!