Her Name is Fire

This is a time where there are no cities, when a sharpened stone is the greatest tool you could hope to have – except for the Gifts, abilities which can multiply your strength tenfold, let you speak with the voiceless, or wear your own shadow like a cloak. In this world is a young woman looking to find herself and understand the Gifts she possesses. Raised by the master Gifted called Sound-of-Thunder, her name is Fire-in-the-Night.

A Gift from the Sky

A Gift from the Sky

Something has fallen from the sky, leaving a flaming horizon and a shattered forest in its wake. Those hungry for power have been drawn to this sky treasure, and so the master Gifted called Sound-of-Thunder has sent her youngest daughter to seek it out. But Fire-in-the-Night is no ordinary teenage girl: she is fierce, resourceful, and Gifted.

The path she walks becomes fraught with danger, while her family continuing their migration to warmer climates. Is she leaving them behind, or being left behind herself? She has the potential to become one of the greatest Gifted ever known, but only if she survives this first quest. Her fate may depend on the help of an unlikely friend she makes along the way.

Cover illustration by Katherine Hallberg

Fantastically written, painting a beautiful picture of a truly intriguing setting. - Owen Wright